® Skin Care Serum
10% Vitamin C and Vitamin E Capsule

Vitamin C is the perfect solution with existing wrinkles and fine lines. It activates and supports collagen synthesis and stimulates elastin production, thereby tightening the skin in a short time.
This collagen boost ensures a visibly younger appearance. At the same time, the skin is moisturized, which additionally tightens wrinkles and makes the skin softer and smoother. Vitamin C vitalizes the skin and provides a radiant, fresh complexion throughout the day.


formula firms, smooths wrinkles and brightens

What is Epica® Skin Care Serum

Vitamins are an essential part of skincare, however when these are used in skin creams, the levels of vitamins degrade overtime after being exposed to air and light.
Epica® Potent Vitamin C and E Capsule have therefore been designed to protect the single-dose unit of serum from all environmental factors, allowing for a potent level of active vitamins to be applied, creating a real difference to the appearance of our skin.
This High potency topical vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin C microssponge® product delivers highly concentrated and effective amounts of active ingredients to the skin for optimum results.
The scientifically designed and proved formulation combines the power of pure vitamin C and vitamin E to improve over all skin conditions.

What is Inside of Epica® Skin Care Serum

Pure 10% Vitamin C
(ascorbic acid)

helps protect the skin; the antioxidant properties have beneficial effects on skin cells helping them regenerate and stop low levels of UV damage. Ascorbic acid plays a vital role in collagen synthesis enabling cells to be rejuvenated allowing for much brighter, even complexions.

Vitamin E

moisturizing agent and strong antioxidant, which has a synergistic effect in combination with vitamin C.

(Butylated hydroxytoluene)

potent anti-oxidant with photo protective properties.

Pure 0.5% Vitamin C
microsponge ® technology

provides a slow release effect of vitamin C .

Facts about Epica® Skin Care Serum

Single use, biodegradable capsules ensure maximum stability, potency and dosage.
Pearlescent texture doubles as a primer under makeup.
pH neutral formula safe for sensitive skin.

effective natural form of Vitamin C triggers an intensive restoration of the most damaged areas while the micro sponge technology provides a gradual release and increasing effect of the Native Vitamin C

Visible benefits

• Instantly activates collagen production
• Instantly smoothes, softens & conditions skin
• Fights the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
• Improve skin radiance and over all skin tone
• Reduce dark/age spots
• Works to protect skin against harsh daily environmental free-radicals such as negative sun exposure
• Single Use Vegicaps Capsule – a protected and measured dose is delivered in every application

Direction of use

Twist the neck of the capsules to open, and then lightly tap the serum directly into clean skin. (Use one capsule for face, and if you wish, another for neck and décolleté.)
Follow with your favorite moisturizer, treatment serum or cream, and in the morning, use sunscreen.
Use twice daily- for most effective results.