hyalomania® vitamin cream The Key to Unlocking a Glowing Complexion

hyalomania® vitamin cream ultra nourishing and soothing face cream, specifically studied to hydrate and renew dry skin. Vitamins are added to enhance skin hydration and promoting tissue repair, while cross-linked hyaluronic acid with urea protects the skin against the aggressions of environmental agents, leaving it soft and smooth.
Formulated with dermahyal; a cross linked hyaluronic acid, inositol, folic acid and B vitamins.
Features Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Aging Capabilities



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What is hyalomania® vitamin cream

hyalomania® vitamin cream is a cream based on cross-linked biotechnological hyaluronic acid and Vitamins.
Formulated with DERMAHYAL® a cross-linked Hyaluronic acid which is more resistant to the enzymatic action of hyaluronidases (Enzymes that catalyze the degradation of hyaluronic acid in our skin) ; this causes slower HA degradation and the prolonged release of the active ingredient.

Hyaluronic Acid in hyalomania® vitamin cream is used for its capability to bind a large number of water molecules. Therefore, when it is applied to the skin, it helps maintain the correct moisture level, even if the external humidity is very low. This wetting action has a beneficial effect on keratin, which becomes more flexible and elastic.

The cross-linking agent used in hyalomania® vitamin cream is urea, which has an outstanding moisturizing effect. It also has keratolytic properties as it promotes the removal of the dead cells from the surface and, therefore, skin regeneration, leaving it soft and smooth. DERMAHYAL® also contains a mix of vitamins such as Inositol, Vitamin B5, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B2, which help enhance skin hydration thereby promoting tissue repair.

What is Inside of hyalomania® vitamin cream

Biotechnological and cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Stems from the innovative idea of using hyaluronic acid (HA) for the slow release of cosmetic active ingredients. This system is based on the creation of an HA cage that encloses the active ingredient. This way, the active ingredient is protected against external agents and, thanks to the natural enzymatic degradability of HA, it is gradually released, becoming bioavailable for a lingering period.

which has an outstanding moisturizing effect

Urea is naturally present in healthy skin as it restores the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the epidermis it is mainly used to enhance the NMF in drier skin by allowing the stratum corneum to retain more water.
Urea also has keratolytic properties as it promotes the removal of the dead cells from the surface and, therefore, skin regeneration, leaving it soft and smooth.

Eight B-Complex vitamins
Your Recipe for Glowing Skin

Niacinamide (B3): help control excess oil, while reducing blemishes, redness, and hyperpigmentation.
Vitamin B12: helps regulate your skin’s pigment production, protecting it from hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones
Pantothenic acid (B5): helps the skin to attract and retain moisture, while providing protection and enhancing the natural repair process.
B1, B2, B6: *the anti-stress complex* A blend of antioxidants works to shield skin from free-radical damage.
Folic acid B9: a powerful photo-ageing agent.
Inositol B8: great for masking wrinkles and rejuvenating skin.

hyalomania® vitamin cream Anti-Inflammatory Formula Boosted with Potent Antioxidants, B Complex Vitamins Infuse Skin with Moisture to Quench your Thirsty Skin and Prevent Dehydration.


Visible benefits

• Counteracts the loss of tissue tone.
• Ideal for skin with dermatitis and spider veins.
• Gives the skin a brighter appearance as it boosts cell turnover.
• Significantly improves skin depressions (wrinkles, lines around the eyes and lips).
• Moisturizes and relieves the skin from irritation and erythema.
• Potent antioxidants boost skin’s natural protection against environmental damage whilst repairing past damage.

Direction of use

Apply on the face in the morning and in the evening on perfectly clean and dry skin.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes