hyalomania® serum Moisturizes and Rejuvenates your Skin


hyalomania® serum is a highly effective anti-aging product containing antioxidant and lifting effect substances. It helps skin regeneration, improves tone elasticity and firmness for a natural and smoother skin, creating a rejuvenating effect.
providing you with the healthiest, most beautiful complexion possible, through simple, high quality products that enhance the health and appearance of your skin.
Delivers an immediate, noticeable boost of hydration while filling in fine lines without an injection.


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What is hyalomania® serum

was developed to treat rough, dull, dry skin and reduce signs of skin aging that include sagging, dry skin, larger pores, age spots and wrinkles. This powerful substance moisturizes and balances skin while making it appear more youthful. It does so in a unique way that aims to slow the aging process within our skin. Over time, the skin loses the principle molecule responsible for binding and retaining water molecules, resulting in loss of skin moisture, and loss of elasticity that characterizes aged skin.

hyalomania® serum is a combination of two main active raw materials, Phytodermina H Lifting and Hyalu-Cage System® Mix Plants.

Phytodermina H Lifting is made of a concentrated solution of hydroxypropylbetacyclodextrin. It produces a marked lifting effect and enhances face brightness and smoothness.

Hyalu-Cage System® is born from the innovative idea of using hyaluronic acid (HA) as slow-release of cosmetic active ingredients , it’s a gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of biotechnological origin, such system is based on the creation of a HA cage that encloses the active substance.

The cross-linked HA is more resistant to enzymatic degradation; therefore, it is degraded much more slowly, remaining undamaged on the cutaneous surface for a lingering period. This increases the hydrating ability of the HA and its covering and lifting effect. In fact, Hyalu-Cage System® is able to form a film on the surface of the skin reducing the loss of moisturizing and protecting it from external and polluting agents.

What is Inside of hyalomania® serum

Phytodermina H Lifting

Refers to two things: it is a “lifting” ingredient and it comes from plant raw materials.

Cyclodextrins are water-soluble oligosaccharides produced from starch by means of enzymatic degradation.

It gives the skin a marked lifting effectmoisturizes, makes the skin soft and smooth, enhances brightness, and helps make-up to stay on after application.

Hyalu-cage system
(sodium hyaluronate cross polymer, sodium chloride) IR=7

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping the moisture balance in the skin at an appropriate level and is one of the components that promote cell renewal.

With this unique system, moisture is retained all day and the skin is suppler with a smoother appearing complexion.

It forms a film on the skin surface, reducing the moisture loss and protecting it from the external and polluting agents.


hyalomania® serum focus on hyaluronic acid and natural herbal ingredients to create formulas that naturally boost collagen production, erase wrinkles and make your pores less visible


Visible benefits

• Instantly firms the skin
• Makes pores less visible
• Diminishes redness
• Lifts and firms sagging skin
• Gives you softer and smoother skin texture
• Visibly adds volume to plump the skin
• Helps reshape natural facial contours over time
• Minimizes roughness and wrinkles

Direction of use

On morning time and evening, apply a few drops of product on a clean face and neck.